India Celebrates First International Yoga Day June 2015

21st June was declared International Yoga Day or the World Yoga Day by the United Nations General Assembly on 11th December, 2014. Yoga is very important and quite beneficial for every human being provided it is practiced by every individual on a regular basis during the early hours of the morning. The official name of the World Yoga Day is UHN International Yoga Day which is also known as Yoga Day. This day is being celebrated as a worldwide event by people in different countries through the practice of yoga, debates, meditation, discussions, meetings and different cultural performances.

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Adoption of World Yoga Day

The World Yoga Day 2015 will be celebrated for the first time on 21st June, 2015 by people throughout the world. The declaration of Yoga Day came as a great moment for the History of India. It just took three months for the day to be declared. The adoption of the resolution is under Global Health and Foreign Policy by the General Assembly for providing holistic approach to people throughout the world for their well-being and good health. Yoga Day is being celebrated by people from more than 170 countries including China, USA and Canada.

Importance of Yoga in India

In India, Yoga is considered to be 5000 years old and it is taken as spiritual, physical and mental practice. Yoga in India originated in the ancient times when people used meditation for transforming their minds and their bodies. Launching a specific date for practicing yoga throughout the world and celebrating Yoga Day in India was a plan initiated by Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister to the United Nations General Assembly. People in India are waiting to celebrate Yoga Day in India with great zeal.


Modi Yoga or the Significance of Yoga for PM Modi

The declaration of World Yoga Day 2015 was made after the Indian Prime Minister made a call to the United Nations General Assembly on 27th September, 2014 while he was addressing the UN General Assembly. It was Mr. Modi who persuaded the United Nations General Assembly to adopt 21st June as International Yoga Day 2015 for getting all the major benefits that come from yoga. This was for the benefit of the people all over the world. Modi considers Yoga to be an invaluable gift of the ancient tradition of India. Yoga for him embodies the unity of body and mind, action and thought, fulfillment and restraint, harmony between nature and man and a holistic approach to well-being and health. He has put in all efforts in adopting the International Yoga Day 2015 and it is only because of his efforts that the Yoga Day Declared.Modi Yoga

Modi Yoga is quite popular among the Indians because the Indian Prime Minister is known to practice yoga on a regular basis. He has asked the world leaders to adopt international Yoga for dealing with the health issues that are a result of the negative changes taking place in climate. 21st June was suggested as Yoga Day by Modi because it is the longest day for the regions lying in the Northern Hemisphere. The day is also of great importance for people living in different countries throughout the world.

Yoga Day Celebrations in India

In India, grand plans have been made for the celebrations of Yoga Day. Rajpath which is also called the King’s Avenue has been banned of traffic for several days. Metal detectors are being places and a huge public address mechanism is also being installed. Nearly 7000 yoga mats will be unrolled on World Yoga Day June 21. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will be attending the event at Rajpath but he will not be practicing it. Top sports stars and Bollywood actors have also been roped for popularizing the event. The real numbers for World Yoga Day June 21 include:yoga day people

  • 35000 soldiers, students and officials will be participating in the event.
  • The cost of the event held at Delhi is 300m rupees.
  • A total of 650 districts among 676 districts of India are participating in the event.
  • Celebrations will successfully be held in total 192 countries of the 193 UN member countries excluding Yemen due to some conflict.
  • The event is also being held in a total of 251 cities through six continents.
  • Times Square in New York will have 30,000 people performing Yoga.

Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga is a very effective holistic therapy affecting the psychological, emotional and physical state of a human being. Practicing yoga can be of good help in relieving stress and it also ensures people taking up stressful tasks in dignified and controlled manner. Yoga-Poses for stressYoga therapy involves understanding the cause of stress and the physical reactions that stress has on an individual’s body. Yoga for stress management involves breathing exercises, forming different postures and gradual stretching.

Yoga for Health

There are a lot of people who turn to Yoga for its therapeutic and preventative benefits. Deep breathing and stretching techniques in Yoga can renew the mind and the body. yoga for healthYoga is of great importance for the health of an individual as it improves flexibility, builds muscles, eases back pain, helps in skeletal or muscular restoration, strengthens the spine, helps in digestion and elimination and improves the immune system.

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